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Gutter ProTech® Self-Cleaning gutters™. Leaves and pine needles won't get in but the rain will.

Gutter ProTech® Self-Cleaning Gutter™ installed in 1997

Inside view in 2008 Inside view 2014

Clean in 2008... after 11 years.

Cleaner in 2014... After 17 years. How can this be?

Why is the gutter cleaner after 17 years than it was after 11?
"Because these gutters really are self-cleaning". The rain which enters the gutter through the two rows of offset filtering louvers on the vertical face of the panels, flush out any small items that may have followed the rain in... and it rained hard a few days before the photo on the right was taken in 2014, six years after the photo on the left in 2008. That "heavy flow" of rain washed the bottom of the gutter making it even cleaner as it flushed out the dirt shown in the photo taken in 2008. After 17 years the gutters are almost as clean as when we installed them new and made them self-cleaning with Gutter ProTech® Self-Cleaning Gutter™ panels.

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