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"MADE IN THE USA" by "American workers"!

Why?  Listed below are 8 important reasons why discriminating homeowners have chosen over other brands since 1997.

Self-Cleaning gutters™ helps to keep home owners safely on the ground. A most sensible place to be. No more climbing ladders to keep gutters in perfect working order.

is made in the USA  by American workers from high quality aluminum as well as solid copper, but not plastic.  This is very sensible since squirrels love to chew holes in plastic covers to get inside the gutter where they gnaw their way right into your attic. Once the squirrels or raccoons make an opening on top of plastic covers, birds use this opening to get in and build their nest. It makes no difference whether your gutters are clogged with leaves or a bird nest, the results are the same. That "in a nutshell" is why we do not make plastic gutter covers!

attaches only to the secured rain gutter, not to the roof. You put no nails or screws in your customers roof when you install You don't create problems or void their roof warranty. 
Self-Cleaning gutters™ has been protecting homes from water damage caused by clogged gutters since 1997; that's
"real world protection" on some of the finest homes in America.
Self-Cleaning gutters™ eliminates the fire hazard of a spark setting "tinder" ablaze in your rain gutter in dry seasons by keeping leaves and pine needles, twigs and other tinder out of the gutters; eliminating "tinder" where a single spark might start a fire at your roof line.
Self-Cleaning gutters™ helps to prevent small animals and birds from getting into the gutters and attic.
panels help protect rain gutters from damage by falling branches. A smashed panel can be more easily & inexpensively replaced than the entire length of gutter.
Self-Cleaning gutters™ keeps roof run-off cleaner. In many areas of the world where fresh water is scarce; rain water is harvested and stored for domestic use. Just one more of the many sensible reasons to invest in what we believe is the best rain gutter protection available at any price. Tested and proven effective on untold thousands of homes in America since 1997 with a track record that is
"second to none".

When second best is not an option, discriminating homeowners choose Self-Cleaning gutters™ .

is sensible!

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Ephrata, Pennsylvania 17522

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