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uses two laws of physics, surface adhesion & gravity, to effectively convert new or existing rain gutters into self-cleaning gutters.
has no moving parts to wear out or need replacing unless damaged by falling tree branches or other acts that we have no control over; with no openings on top so gravity does not work against it.  The only openings are the two rows of offset filtering louvers on the vertical face of the panels. This is where surface adhesion comes into play, drawing the rain water into the gutters, even in the hardest rain while at the same time rejecting leaves, pine needles and other debries. Each time it rains hard the heavy flow of clean rain continuously washes the inside of your gutters. This is the self cleaning action you will enjoy for years of self cleaning gutter protection.
offset filtering louvers on the vertical face prevent leaves, pine needles, etc. from falling or blowing into your gutters when it is not raining or washing into the gutters when it rains.

Made of aluminum or copper so the panels will never rust, no moving parts to wear out or replace, what more could you ask for, sounds dependable to me.

is dependable!

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